Orbitform’s Part on chain Conveyor Systems are designed for high volume production, minimal contact force, and part buffering. With exceptional wear characteristics, parts ride directly on a dense array of plastic rollers or on a flat low-friction surface allowing parts to flow freely with minimal friction reducing collision force between parts, reducing static build-up (as seen with belt conveyors), and eliminating pile-up issues during part accumulation. Traffic control includes part metering, part singulation, programmable stops, and push-off line transfers. For a quote contact Orbitform's automation specialist Brent Parker at 517-787-9447


Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Heavier durable surface designed for demanding manufacturing environments. Increased friction allows parts to ascend modest inclines. Allows parts to buffer, steel top available.

Roller Chain Conveyors

Low friction allows parts to buffer with minimum contact force or risk of pile up, necessary for delicate and finished parts. Lighter chain requires fewer drives.

Part Buffering

Keep expensive machining centers running with a steady flow of parts always available in queue. We also offer mass flow buffering tables for high volume part buffering.

Efficient Part Transfers

Move parts between work cells, eliminating storage bins, costly part handling, and batch runs.


Orbitform engineers and technicians are experts in factory floor automation systems, including lights-out operation. If you have high volume production, see what Orbitform can do for you.

Sorter Dumpers

Orbitform offers a line of custom engineered sorter-dumper feed systems to handle a variety of part sizes to meet the rigorous requirements of high volume production.