Orbitform offers both fixed tool resistance and projecting welding systems custom engineered to suit your application in both AC and DC currents. Resistance welders pass electrical current through a localized area between two or more layers of thin metal, heating the area until melting occurs to form a bond. In projection welding a current is passed through a raised section or projection and a part to be bonded.


Turn-Key Solutions

Orbitform is your one stop shop for custom engineered resistance and projecting welding systems as well as custom part fixturing and tooling designed for each application.

Common Applications

For resistance welding: Appliances, HVAC and cookware with a typical metal thickness between .5mm to 3mm, for projection: securing nuts, studs and posts to sheet metal.


Orbitform’s designers and controls engineers are experts in automated welding systems. See what our engineering staff can do for you.

Pneumatic Powerheads

Orbitform systems use standard Orbitform Pneumatic powerheads, eliminating the need for problematic air over oil weld cylinders.