Roller Forming is a non-impact process using a spinning Roller Head with two or more rollers to apply a symmetrical force to form the part. Roller Forming is used for flaring, forming a lip, crimping, or forming a groove in cylindrical parts too large for other processes. Assembly applications range from bearings, ball joints, electrical sensors, fuses, and many others.


Replaces Crimping

Form the end of cylindrical parts with Roller Forming. Increase efficiency and accuracy with a process designed around creating aesthetically pleasing lips and grooves in parts. Eliminate stress cracks by replacing multi-point crimping with 360 degrees of retention.

1/8" to over 10" Diameter Parts

Form parts large and small and make your prototypes reality. With a team of experienced application and design engineers working to find a solution, Orbitform will deliver the right machine for your process.

Fixed Rollers for Lip Forming

Form lips on the end of cylindrical parts with spinning rollers and applied downforce. With the use of a seal or gasket, you can create sealed parts with our Roller Forming process.

Articulating Rollers for Grooves & Lips

Form from the side with articulating rollers to create grooved parts. Other applications include situations where parts have obstructions that need to be cleared before roller heads can form.

Precision Control

Get the most out of your forming process. Reduce ruined parts and scrap with Orbitform's Process Monitoring. Learn more here.

Wide Range of Roller Heads

Orbitform offers a wide range of roller heads to perform your forming tasks. Visit our Machine Builders section to learn more.

Compatible with Orbitform Powerheads

Orbitform 240, 310, 500, 750 and 840 Powerheads can be configured with roller heads including through spindle pressure pads for a wide range of roller forming applications.

Adjustable Diameter

Roller heads are available with adjustable center distance allowing up to 3" diameter increase along with analog readout accurate to .001" of an inch. Now with the proper fixtures you can run parts with different diameters on the same machine.