Orbital riveting and forming is a cold forming process using a peen tool held at a fixed angle to create a sweeping line of pressure around the part, progressively forming the material with each rotation. This process reduces the amount of forming force required by approximately 80% of a standard press.


Smooth, Non-Impact

Rivets are formed using around 80% less force than when using a standard press. This requires less power consumption, allowing plants to run more efficiently on Orbitform Machines.

Articulating Joints

Orbital forming allows for the creation of articulating hinge joints. With less downforce on the rivet, there is minimal rivet shank swell, allowing finished parts to articulate smoothly.

Precision Monitoring

Reduce scrap and malformed parts to increase throughput and efficiency. Click Here to learn more about Orbitform's Process Monitoring.

Aesthetic Appeal

All aspects of Orbital forming produce high quality and visually appealing joints. With a wide variety of forming peen options, Orbitform engineers will develop tooling to best suit your aesthetic needs.

Standard Models

All Orbital machines are available as standard modular Powerheads or as full machines, offering a large amount of options when it comes to finding a machine for your process.

Wide Range of Orbital Heads

Orbitform offers a wide range of orbital heads to perform your forming tasks. Visit our Machine Builders section to learn more.

Dual Opposed Systems

Increase throughput by forming both ends at once, especially beneficial for parts that are difficult to fixture, like hinges, pivot pins and tube flaring.