The Hot Upset forming and riveting process uses heat and pressure to form the fastener. The material being formed becomes malleable and collapses under pressure applied by the Powerhead. Using this process, it is possible to form a round fastener into a square hole, creating very high torque joints. This makes the process excellent for forming parts that will incur high vibrational fatigue.


Hardened Rivets

Form harder rivets than cold forming processes due to the nature of the Hot Upset process.

High Torque Joints

Due to the increased hole fill with Hot Upset, it is possible to create joints that will not fail even under very high torque situations. The rivet expands to fill the hole and prevents rotation even under high stress.

High Push/Pull Force Joints

Create highly durable and long lasting joints with the Hot Upset Process.

Resistant to Vibrational Fatigue

Harder rivets, increased hole fill, and torque resistance makes these rivets extremely resistant to vibrational fatigue. Outlast the competition with Orbitform's Hot Upset Forming & Riveting.

Standard Models Available

Orbitform offers the Hot Upset machine as a standard model. Custom tooling and a calibrated head can make this an excellent option for forming heavy duty joints.