Dissimilar Materials

Electrical Contacts

Electrical Contacts

Process: Solid Impact Riveting

Delicate electrical contacts were protected by using a stainless steel vibratory bowl feeder and rivet underfeed. Both contacts were set simultaneously for higher throughput.

Orbitform Riveter Helps Bee Keeping Business Assemble Quality Bee Hive Smokers

A bee keeping supplies manufacturer and retailer from eastern Illinois was having difficulty assembling their bee hive smokers.  Orbitform helped by designing and building two (2) Milford impact riveting machines.  Each riveter was tooled to automatically feed and insert a specific stainless steel rivet prior to the machine forming the rivet to attach different parts to the bee hive smoker assemblies. The Milford model 305 rivet setters built by Orbitform are now helping the customer’s skilled work force assemble the bee smokers faster, more consistently, and with higher quality.  

Milford Riveting Machine Assembles Several Bee Hive Smoker Components

Efficient product manufacturing companies demand smart assembly solutions from riveting machine builders as is evidenced by the bee hive product business that approached Orbitform with the challenge to design and build impact riveting machines to attach several different components to it’s bee hive smoker. The smoker is comprised of various parts including a housing, top cap, clips, brackets, wire hanger, etc.  Two (2) different rivet lengths were involved in the production process thus two (2) Milford model 305 riveting machines were tooled to automatically insert and upset the rivets to assemble the bee hive smoker components into the final product assembly.  

Reducing Cycle Time and Improving Quality with Orbitform Impact Rivet Machines

Design and debug time was invested to develop the machines with narrow anvil bracket lower tooling in order to allow the fastening of several components to the stainless steel housing and top cap.  Riveting safety devices were installed to keep the production staff safe while also promoting easy and fast component alignment with the rivet machine tooling. The Milford cold form riveting machines decreased the customer’s assembly cycle time and enhanced the final product’s quality. Orbitform was able to satisfy the customer’s assembly process requirements along with maintaining the project timeline and budget.  One could say that Orbitform helped take the “sting” out of the product assembly challenges faced by the bee keeping product supplier.